1/19/12 11:09PM - Anything in BOLD is new information.

This is my reply to the “helpless asian man attacked and jumped by 7 others”. I really hate when people that don’t understand the whole situation put their mouths and whatnot all over this business. It really irritates me when people give out false info. I’m mainly talking about the people on YouTube that don’t even know why the helpless asian man was jumped and make responses. You guys act like you know what is happening and take sides, but obviously you don’t know what happened. I am friends with the helpless asian man, Leo. We have been friends for a long time. I don’t know everything that happened, but I do know a lot of what happened. Here is my story.

Wesley and his group of “thugs” go around Chinatown and Bridgeport of Chicago jumping random kids. This has been happening for a long time. A handful of my friends and people that go to my church have been victims of Wesley’s jumping. Leo’s cousin was a victim of Wesley and friends. This happened last year. So a group of people decided to retaliate. More than 20 people were invited and about 20 people went. These 20 people succeeded in jumping Wesley and his brother. How do I know this? I was invited, but did not go because I did not even know who Wesley is and I have nothing to do with him. I wanted to know the results and so I talked to the person who invited me afterwards and he told me what happened. Jump successful.

Now Leo was part of this 20 on 2. He was there, but I can not confirm whether he actually touched Wesley and Easley or not. This Sunday, Wesley decided to get a group of people to jump Leo to get revenge. This group consisted of mix of Asians and others, so it obviously isn’t racism.The names of the people are all over the web. The idiot that recorded the video decided to put it on YouTube. I don’t know why, but I would assume that they thought they were “cool” because they jumped a person. They wanted to show Chinatown that they were “cool”. “Oh look! We jumped a guy. Don’t mess with us.” That is what I assume.

Ever since I heard of Leo getting jumped, I have been very nosy and digging everywhere for information. I have a few direct sources. I was told the reason that Leo was jumped was because he got into a fight with Wesley 2 years ago at the Chinatown Fair, but that was proven false after I heard about the 20 on 2 thing. I was told that Leo was walking a girl home and when he left via alley, Wesley and friends were there waiting to jump him. This, I have notconfirmed yet, but I can confirm that there was a girl involved and she lured Leo out. Her name is Winona. Leo was at church for some basketball, but Winona was there and lured him to the guys. After luring him to the guys, she ran away. Supposedly, Winona hates Leo’s guts.

Originally, I was very convinced that a guy named Jason was the camera holder because he was the first person that was rumored to be it. I was told on Monday that he was the camera holder. Watching the video a few times, I do notice that the camera holder’s voice is deep. But when all the the “Amy Holly Feng Camera Holder” videos popped up around the world, I decided to investigate more. I was then convinced she was the camera holder because all the local news report said that a 15 year old girl was arrested and I knew Amy Holly Feng is a 15 year old girl. But wait, sources tell me that Amy is 16. More solid reason for why it’s not Amy. But after asking a few of my sources, people say Winona was behind the camera. But Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has said that the girl that was arrested was not behind the camera. Instead, she actually took part in the attack. I don’t know what or who to believe. I still hold strong to my observation of the camera person having a deep voice.

Now Amy Holly Feng is innocent, for sure. Even Leo himself said that Amy Holly Feng is innocent. She is Wesley’s ex-girlfriend from what I know. She posted 3 videos. 1 on Facebook and 2 on YouTube. The one on Facebook was when she told the world all of the attackers’ names. Maybe she wanted to get back at Wesley for someone he did to her while they went out. I don’t know. The second video was when she seemed to be defending the 7 attackers. So was the third. But her defense for both sides are justified because a majority of what she says is true. She was not taking any sides, but telling the plain truth. So everyone bashing on Amy needs to stop.

This is what I know. You guys can believe me if you want to. This post will continue to update as I learn more.

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